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Plain Panel USA 1776 Fireback
1. Custom USA 1776 Plain Panel Fireback SF01

Beautifully done …. Thank you !

Terrence G

Mountain View Fireback
2. Mountain View Fireback

This is the third “Pennsylvania” fireback I have purchased for my historic office building built in the late 1800’s. They are beautiful additions to the fireplaces in the individual offices.

Mary F.

Mountain View Fireback
3. Custom Antique Reproduction Liberty or Death Fireback

The fireback you made has been installed. Thank you for the hard work. It looks great!

Matthew S., Assistant Curator, Museum of the American Revolution

Mountain View Fireback
4. Small Oak Fireback

Your products are really beautiful!

Reagan P.

Mountain View Fireback
5. American Eagle Fireback

We received our fireback this past week and could not be happier, it is beautiful and fits perfectly in our fireplace. Just wanted to send a note of thanks for producing such a wonderful product in the greatest country of them all, USA!

Ray H.

Mountain View Fireback
6. Three Bears Fireback

We just wanted to write to let you know how very pleased we are with our Three Bears!!! What wonderful new way to enjoy our old fireplace. We both love it and wish we’d have installed a fireback for our home years ago. Nonetheless we have it now and are really enjoying the results of your craftsmanship and artistry. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our cold evenings here in northern Maryland so much warmer!

Richard and Debbie K.

Mountain View Fireback
7. 14" Field of Stars Fireback

We received delivery of our 14” Field of Stars, in 2 days just as you predicted. It fits perfectly in the space. I followed the polishing instructions and it looks awesome. The center of each star seems to twinkle a little and the background almost looks like it has a very subtle dusting of glitter. It’s beautiful. Thank you.

Beverly R.

Mountain View Fireback
8. Mountain View Fireback

First fire with my new fireback! I love it and your boot creates the perfect angle. Thanks for all your help. Beautiful artistry!


Mountain View Fireback
9. Large Oak Fireback

Awesome! I just wanted to let you know that we built our first fire today in our new house and fireplace. The Large Oak, 106 pound fireback in place makes all the difference! Thanks! So glad we have this product in our Douglas Fir Timber Frame home, it really looks and functions as designed - perfectly!

David M.

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