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Before using your new Pennsylvania Fireback


Cast iron is fragile and will crack or break if treated improperly. Edges and corners can be sharp.


When you first remove your Fireback from its box, examine it carefully for cracks or other damage. Minor imperfections and holes, inclusions, dimensional differences] are inherent in the casting process.


The fireback has been dipped in a water base paint to prevent rust during transportation.

This finish is not intended for display. Paint bubbles, bare spots and streaks will wear off with use or can be removed with a wire brush or steel wool.

PLEASE NOTE: After casting, our firebacks are dipped in a water-based flat black paint to prevent rust during storage and transportation. This finish is not intended for display. Any paint bubbles and streaks will wear off with use. Bare spots caused in transportation can be covered with stove polish. For a brighter, attractive finish, and to protect the iron, it is recommended that a fireback be polished with stove polish before installation or at any time later.


• Do not expose your Fireback to coal fires.

• Do not expose your Fireback to water.

• Do not use with a “Wall of Fire” type grate or lean burning logs up against your fireback.


A new Fireback must be cured. The gentle process of building several small successive fires will cure the iron for future use. Rapid expansion of uncured cast iron caused by excessive initial heating can cause your Fireback to crack.


Your Fireback can be cleaned with a wire brush. For a brightly polished, durable, and easy to maintain finish in the hearth, apply stove polish or stove black.


Pennsylvania Firebacks are conditionally guaranteed against defects in the quality of materials and labor for a period of 5 years from date of purchase.


Firebacks can be returned within 30 days of delivery in their original box via a UPS Call Tag being issued by Pennsylvania Firebacks. The customer is responsible for shipping to, and return shipping.


Contact your local certified chimney sweep from the National Chimney Sweep Guild to perform a safety check on your chimney and hearth.

All Pennsylvania Firebacks are copyrighted by and are the exclusive designs of J. Del Conner. He reserves all rights pertaining to their reproduction.

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