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How to install your Pennsylvania Fireback™


To insure the proper balance when used free standing in a hearth, the bottom of your Fireback must always be closer to you than the top.

To prevent the top of a Fireback from falling forward place bricks or other suitable non-flammable spacers between the back wall and bottom of the Fireback. The spacers should be thick enough to insure that the bottom of the Fireback can not be pushed out of balance.


A Fireback can be safely supported in a hearth using the Saf-T-Boot™ support system.

In hearths with forward leaning back walls the Saf-T-Boot’s™ patented step design enables a Fireback to be supported at a variety of angles. Saf-T-Boots™ can be used with any grate, andirons, or gas log system.