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Stove Polishing a Fireback

Polishing A Fireback Pennsylvania Firebacks are given a coat of water based black paint to protect the iron from rust in storage and in shipping. To protect your fireback and enhance its reflective qualities, we recommend a coat of Stove Polish, or Stove Black be applied. This water based graphite paste can be easily applied before a fireback is installed in the hearth. Future spot touchup applications can be done with the fireback in place.

Materials needed:
Stove Polish or Stove Black
small container
and gloves
Apply polish
with toothbrush
uniformly on the
back, edges, and
of the fireback.
Fireback with stove polish
Allow polish
to dry
twenty minutes
on average
on the fireback.
Once dry, a high luster finish can be
achieved by burnishing the fireback
with a wire brush. You may choose
not to use a wire brush and brighten
only the high spots of the casting with
a rag, leaving deeper cavities flat black
to heighten the sculptural elements.
Clean excess
Stove Black or
or Stove Polish
off the fireback
with a rag
Polishing will increase the heat
reflective qualities of a fireback
and protect the iron from rust.
Future spot touchup applications
can be done in place after first
brushing off any soot adhering
to the fireback,