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Plain Panel USA 1776 Fireback
10. Large Oak Fireback SF01

Measuring paid off. Fits beautifully and reflects good heat. 😊

Mike W.

Mountain View Fireback
11. Large Clipper Fireback

The fireback looks gorgeous in the Parlor. Thank you again for all that you have done for us during the showhouse process!

Meghan H., Greystone Interiors, LLC

Mountain View Fireback
12. Joseph Webb Stag Fireback

Hello! It made it to Arizona yesterday! I used paintstripper to get the paint off, MEK to clean it and applied stove black, then buffed. First fire this am, came out beautiful (and fit well). Thank You

Jeff F.

Mountain View Fireback
13. Custom Kissing Pigs Large Plain Panel

I got it. It looks great! Thank you.

Aaron H.

Mountain View Fireback
14. Custom Heron House Large Plain Panel

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the fireback.

Thanks Bob

Mountain View Fireback
15. Tall Oak Fireback

JWe have the fireback! it was in the grass at the end of the driveway. Thank you for your assistance. It looks great!

Lisa and John J.

Mountain View Fireback
16. North Star Fireback

I just received your fireback. It’s even more beautiful in person

Georganna S.

Mountain View Fireback
17. 1980 Dated Oak Fireback

Talking with my father about this a bit more and wanted to pass along... This fireback was a house warming gift from Terri Pollis in 1980 when my parents moved into their second house. My father, Joel Weiner, and Terri were friends from high school and Terri has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. He was at my Bar Mitzvah and my wedding. Fireback was part of the very first batch that you guys produced. Fireback has been well travelled. My parents had it in five houses with mine now being number six.

Ben Weiner

Mountain View Fireback
18. North Star Fireback

I wanted to say to you that my fireplace is nothing without your fireback and stands. I enjoy it nearly everyday since I am a school teacher with no school in session. The North Star fireback is really cool, and it makes a difference in heat output into the living room.

Jordan Yard

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