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Plain Panel USA 1776 Fireback
19. 2020 Dated Great Oak

Your fireback just arrived and it’s better than I hoped for! I love it. I can’t wait to mount it and send you a photo. Thank you so much.

Monica L.

Plain Panel USA 1776 Fireback
20. Tall OakFireback

Thank you, my Husband and I love it, it is absolutely gorgeous!!! It will make our fireplace complete. You are a true AMERICAN ARTIST.

Nan B.

Plain Panel USA 1776 Fireback
21. 2012 Dated Great Oak Fireback

Thank you for taking such good care of me with this special order. The Fireback and supports arrived today and they remain a surprise for my husband. I haven’t opened the cartons yet, but will certainly let you know his response to my anniversary surprise.

Thank you - again! We LOVE our fireback!! It makes such a huge difference in not only appearance but in heat!

Barbara P.

Plain Panel USA 1776 Fireback
22. Fleur-De-Lis Fireback

Thank you the fire back is perfect and BEAUTIFUL!

Basil M.

Plain Panel USA 1776 Fireback
23. Tall Oak Fireback

The fireback arrived and I used a horsehair brush on it, then two coats of spray oven heat paint...sort of a black semi-gloss finish now. It will be installed next week behind our oven.

At dinner tonight, I noticed the restaurant had a large fireback in its oven. It was definitely your Large Great Oak tree, and your J and the C were there as well! How I missed it all these years, I do not know, but I must have noticed it all along. You made it for one of my family’s favorite restaurants, and it says, “Le Yaca” on the bottom of the oak. They are in Williamsburg, Virginia. The head waiter remembers when it was commissioned. He said, “Madame got it in Pennsylvania. It was one of the only places who made them.”

Madame sadly passed away last year, but the restaurant she created lives on. They roast lamb in the open fireplace, which is built up waist high as you enter the restaurant, and it is delightful on a cold evening. Your fireback looked great, and this is the restaurant’s second location, so it made the move well! Thank you,

Andrea M.

Plain Panel USA 1776 Fireback
24. Dated Oak Fireback

Hello-Thank you for the kindness and education on how to begin to restore my dated oak fireback that was scarred with rust during storage. Normally you can find out DYI rehabilitation help searching the internet but limited to fireback topic -I failed. Im usually not bold enough to make such a phone call to impose with a selfish bothersome question.

Your time and trouble to help educate me is most appreciated. Im horrified and embarrassed when something accidentally damages or distress a valued belonging. Our weather here in central Virginia has been mild - so not sure there will be a chance to use the fireplace until the years end after I tackle this cleaning.

Im happy that restoration and cleaning are possible -thank you for sharing your valuable expertise with me this morning!

My compliments -Your web site is glorious...I enjoy all the photos detailing fireback designs immensely. Amazed and respectfully enchanted by all thats creative and artful.....I look forward to peeking at the new nautical design in the future! Thanks again!


Plain Panel USA 1776 Fireback
25. Aetna Rooster Fireback

Thanks, indeed, the fireback arrived today and looks beautiful. Would you provide us with the treatment suggestions again for the fireback? Thanks for your great work!

Eva Maria

Plain Panel USA 1776 Fireback
26. Winter Fireback

We received the fireback today (9/20) and set it up in the firebox. It looks great. We can’t wait to try it out -- but will wait until the weather gets colder.

Andrew S.

Plain Panel USA 1776 Fireback
27. Small Oak Fireback Backsplash

I did open the box looks absolutely awesome.

B Dolby

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